The Other Side. The only station broadcasting from the afterlife to the living world.

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  • Bobby 9

    Just genius! Classic Popper Serafinowicz stuff. How Did You Die made me laugh tl I was a bit sick. Oh the irony if I had joked on my own vomit and crossed over…

  • vicky davies

    Hilarious! and O the potential!

    I personally would love to see a collaboration with Radio Thax,

  • Ka1zeq

    I love it. The QSB or selective fading. Sounds like 49 meters. A few static crashes, maybe some rtty QRM in the background, would make it sound like rare DX.
    Very funny, thanks.

  • Aelgasseir

    More please!!! Hebbo!

  • Katie L

    Very smiley stuff guys, loved it.

  • Ashton1015

    This made me laugh so much that my next plop-loaf ‘breached’ slightly. Especially the ‘How Did You Die’ section. Need to go toilets now.

  • 2222

    When will be next show?

  • Idlemichael

    Just by way of confirmation – I asked Peter and Robert at Comic Con about some new RSW material (and got to speak to them after their Look Around You panel). They said yes, there *will* be a RSW series next year.

    Also, Peter is incredibly tall, while Robert is shorter but equally gentlemanly.

  • David

    Hilarious stuff guys. Works perfectly as a radio show. Hope you get to make more. Keep up the good work!

  • Wil

    I can’t believe I’ve only just found this but then, it is in keeping with sounding like something I’d stumble upon while dialing through the short wave late at night. That kind of ‘not quite English’ sounding presenter voice is spot on.

  • Wilde Brigand

    That’s been a while now. What about the rumoured Radio Four series? If you didn’t get it, it’s a crime against comedy. And someone needs to round up the perpetrators and stick them in gaol. Aye.

  • lewis stoole

    Billie Turner is a thief!

  • Simon Bronson

    Another one please gents.

  • luke forshaw

    Amazing idea so funny, please can i have some more!?

  • Ben

    Please make some more of these. I liked out loud.

  • lump516

    I’d always heard that Kennedy was really good with his tongue . . .

  • Partaria

    Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Please keep the episodes coming, guys!

  • MidlifeMidwife

    Christmas has come and gone and no gift from you (new podcast)! Sad…

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  • Pam Smith

    This is just so funny – what an incredible idea.

    But is Brian Butterfield really dead? Noooooooooo!!!!!


    when your dead do you need to go a poos or a widdle?
    is there any ghost food?

  • http://peterturner974(youtube) arthur mee

    i laughed and laughed and laughed until i stopped and then began crying.

  • hamlett

    sweet buttery biscuits, please make some more of these!

  • Craig P

    Fantastic. Our own room, with all of your ancestors stretching back 5, 600 years, all in one room for eternity. I love you.

  • JohnnyW

    Absolutely freaking awesome. I LOVED this.

    Now please. Make some more.

  • bren

    listened to this so many times! make another episode please!

  • Reverend Brymo

    An incredibly original and funny show. I can’t masturbate without wondering who in the afterlife is watching me and if they are judging my weight.

  • matty

    Genius. Can’t wait for further installments.

  • Chris

    Absoloubtly brilliant, was listening to this on the train on the way to work and had to keep stifling my laughs for fear of looking like a right twonk. Very original, Billy Turner is a thief!!! lol.


  • RadioVicky

    Best radio I’ve heard in years! And I l bloody work in it!
    Nearly crashed my car three times laughing.
    Just off for a sax lesson…

  • Harry Laconic Junior

    Did you know I was born on September 11th? I celebrate with a small cake so people don’t think I’m a Muslim extremist.

    I can’t wait to die.

  • Fleeboy

    I loved look around you and love this even more! You guys are funny.

    How did I die?
    I choked on a spider in my sleep…

  • Mark Leneve

    Extraordinary. Very original and delightfully written. I should imagine a lot of fun was had making this. Well done chaps! And thanks to Stephen Fry for directing our attention towards it.

  • Psychocat

    This is friggin’ GREAT! Please tell me that there are more episodes to come.

  • jason pearn

    i was heading on my way to the light when my beloved put this on my iPod, now the dilemma keep going to the light or come back, so i came back. After that sacrifice please make some more, please

  • jayfo

    is this a pilot? someone needs to commission it quicksmart.

  • Jenna ryan

    This really has made my week. Please keep writing. I love the old time feel!!!!

  • Vickie

    Is there anybody there .. ??

    Biggie Smalls .. so funny

    I want more .. pleeaassee

  • Swineshead
  • Sam Hackett

    Really very funny indeed. Keep up the good work. You’re a right funny pair of fuckers.

  • Danbo

    Top drawer stuff; far better than most of the “comedy” currently on BBC Radio 4; keep it up you splendid chapsburys. Thanks MacUstinov: ThUstinov.

  • Lewis

    i want more! i know you have them! When do we get it?. P.s love the music as the begining, such a nod to Number Stations right? One of the characters in a novel im writing is obsessed with number stations. Thanks for introcuding me to that oddness Robert

  • Rick Smith

    This is so funny!! I have listened to it over and over. Loved ‘How did you die?’ and the background music. Great atmosphere throughout. Good to know that headlice get to reach the kingdom in the sky. More please!!!

  • Al

    Love it, do some more innit.

  • JohnB

    Loved The Podcast! Keep the communication coming.

  • David Spacebar


  • Anthony


  • John Rowley

    what the hell? I just went to see my comment and I don’t remember writing that – I’m sure I said something else. This place is suitably creepy

  • PaulM

    Thank the dear sweet Gore for the invention of electronic media that can say dirty words in my ear while I work! My poor grandpa had to spend 12 hours in a railroad station only to be rewarded by the sad overpacked closet of Fibber McGee and Molly. Hooray for the future! Hooray for Popper and Serafinowicz!

  • Kev Pick

    A small ghostly boy-child told me this charming joke today: “What’s a haunted chicken? A poultry-geist!” I explained to him the reason why this did not work and argued over the bewildering image of a ‘haunted chicken’. The boy-child now knows he is fated to be dead and socially disappointing for all eternity.

  • JohnnyW

    Totally, totally awesome! This deserves to be on national radio (if it isn’t already). Best thing I’ve heard in ages!

  • Steve Walsh

    Very funny.

  • http://n/a Robert

    This was fantastic! I am dialing 00000414042203177002029990746166042308008888!

  • James

    I liked this alot – please do more! I like the weird & ghostly atmosphere of it. The projects you both do together always come out good :-)

  • Ghost of Tchaikovsky

    I love the way Popper and Serafinowicz pay so much attention to the technical details. Very geeky, but production values-related comedy is really hilarious if you ask me. Seems to be some weird slow phaser on this podcast…

    • James the Meek

      I agree. It’s the same with their series ‘Look around you’. Sometimes the funniest element is in the tiny details that you may not pick up the first time round.
      Definitely two of the finest comedians of our time. Love their work – can’t wait for more.
      By the way, Peter’s twitter feed is also hilarious – check it out.

  • Mike Devine

    That was amazing! Nothing beats hearing the spirit of Biggie Smalls promote a short-wave radio program!

  • Lucy Cooke

    The ‘How did you die…’ section made me do a laugh/snort on Orpington station.

    I wont sue. But I did look like a prannet.

  • Al Dupres

    Drat! Missed the phone number.

  • Ian Ferguson

    Please put this on iTunes as a podcast for those of us too moronic and with too short attention spans to save to disk and import. Especially if you’re doing more.

  • Stu

    Brilliant, loved the “presented by Princess Di and Hitler” bit.

  • Spence Macdonald

    Genius stuff! P***ing myself!!!

  • Barry Fincham II

    I have been in a coma for almost 14 months now. And I just thought I’d let you both know that all of us currently ‘in limbo’ very much enjoyed the last show and hope to hear more very soon! It really is a hearty reminder that no matter how things turn out, we’ll be in good company. Thank you.

    many thanks again


    P.S If things were to take a turn for the worst, I’d love to maybe participate in the ‘How did you die?’ segment.

  • Alex Pritchard


    I will rearrange these letters later.

  • Kitchen

    It’s all very comforting, especially as I only have a few days to live.

  • rowley

    can’t wait for version 2

  • Charlie


  • Nick F

    Very Funny, very funny

  • Ian

    Brilliantly funny!

  • Charlie Thorley

    I’m dead thank you how are you ? love it.

  • Keeno

    had me chortling like a good ‘un this one!

    Liking Ug Ug’s work ;)

  • Nathan


    The Sadam Hussein and Hitler bits especially, something about dead dictators in funny situations, really tickles me!

    more please!

  • James

    Original. Brilliantly made. Hilarious. This is one of the best things i’ve heard in years.

  • Fimsy Shortbread

    As a ghost, I can honestly say this is the best radio show since the spirit sex change program ‘Trans-Parent with Jim-Mitzy.’

  • Fimsy Shortbread

    As a ghost, I can honestly say that this is the best afterlife radio show since the spirit sex change program ‘Trans-Parent with Jim-Mitzy’.

  • Annjelina

    It’s sick humour and therefore I applaud you once again fools x

  • rich

    This is brilliant. I’m not sure what your plans are for it, but surely a series beckons. I’d buy it from ITunes etc. would love to hear it on’t radio. Fun.

  • fungy

    Fabulous,Death’s not so bad after all!

  • ClivePounds

    “I can’t wait till Phil Collins dies”

  • Donk

    Best thing since the net began.

  • Donk

    I cannot tell you how much I love this so I won’t.

  • Pauline Figgis

    So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so funny!!

  • Jonrob5000

    Loved it. A lot

  • Insults Blog

    This makes me very happy…and laugh!

  • David Tallentire

    Very funny, I enjoyed it a lot. Please make some more.

  • Nicko

    I really enjoyed that :-)

  • Sir Mank Randolph OBE

    Huwwah for this wadio pwogwam. Yeth thir’wee, it’th jutht the type of thow that uth ghotht’th thwive on.

  • Leon

    Excellent stuff guys. Look forward to more.


  • Timothy

    Quite good. I smiled out loud.

  • Lee Ashcroft

    Splendid stuff… wasn’t sure how it would stand up outside the Shunt Vaults, but it does it very well. Good show RPS.

  • Joelle

    Wonderful. Delightfully clever. Spiffing!

  • Guy

    “…and the f-word: fuck” HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA…

    Genius, thanks so much for this.

  • GunstarCowboy


  • Nat Saunders

    Yay! I’ve been “dying” to hear this again!

  • Bluebell

    This is frightening.

  • Pete

    I nearly choked to death laughing at the “how did you die?” part. Hey, then I could’ve been here: “I died listening to this show”

  • Vik

    Biggie Smalls shout out = genius, sheer genius!

  • Eilat

    Terrrriffic and just a tad bit sinister. Wouldn’t expect anything less. And thanks for solving a few of those mysteries that had us sleepless for so many decades.

  • Lucy

    Smashing stuff!

  • spraticus

    you surely don’t have any time to write a 30 minute show… you’re both too busy twittering!

  • Crustis Manubiel

    Not Funny! I am dead and I find this programme offensive. it is insulting to all who reside in the afterlife. Grow up.

  • Taylor

    Enjoyed it very much. Make it a regular podcast and put it on iTunes!

  • @pholloway

    I also heartily approve of this endeavour. I particularly appreciated the clarification around the F word.

  • Phil Nelson


  • Lewis

    Brilliant stuff. You guys make me so happy:)

  • James Walker

    ’twas very funny! and as Danny said, Keep them coming! x

  • Darreb Duttob

    I’m feeling quite peckish now…might try some infected faeces

  • damien

    i can’t believe that’s not actually NOTORIOUS BIG. amazing.

    this radio show recalls the contractual obligation/matching tie python albums.


  • Horatio

    Brilliant. I hope there’s more to come.

  • Laurence Doyle

    Shakespeare interview had me in stitches!

  • ray

    “How did you die?” “My death wasn’t as elaborate as yours… I just burned to death in a house fire!”

    Quirky stuff! Love it!

  • Stefing


  • StuartW

    DEAD funny guys, love your new HAUNT! I was COFFIN with laughter! You don’t have a GHOST of a chance of topping this, but please give us MORGUE! OUIJAst can’t wait for the next one!


  • mr_hopkinson

    This is good.

  • Martin Wolfenden

    Brilliant! :-)

  • Drew Smith

    Brian Butterfield died of diabetes?! How did I miss that headline?

  • Danny Harle

    Love it, very very funny, you`re on a winner with this one, keep `em coming guys!!!